Thursday, January 26, 2012

where to sleep?!?

 Well, I saw a couple of girls post and thought I would share the multiple beds my little ones sleep in.

They started out in a pack and play in our room together when they first got home....

 They also sleep in their boppy's, sometimes together and sometimes separate....
once they were sliding down in their boppys we found out about the boppy loungers and that is still their bed of choice but it has to be on the bed with momma and daddy

most naps are taken in their bouncers
they like to sleep on each other...
in the bath.....

on the go....

on the couch .....

in your bed.....                      and of course

in your arms
on your chest
on your shoulder....  but no matter where they sleep you cant help but kiss and love all over them because of how angelic they are asleep.  I know I will miss these days and will treasure the little hands wrapping around me like they cant live without me!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Emails during their first weeks....

I was going through my email and found the weekly (or tried to be weekly) emails that I sent out to the family of the babies developements.  Wow, cant believe all the obstacles my sweet babies went through....

November 11th

Hey loved ones,

I am so sorry to just now get out pictures but we have been busy. For those not aware, I was admitted to the hospital  November 1st due to my blood pressure. I was diagnosed with Pre clampsia.  Every day was a touch and go situation but on 11/7/11 due to spike in my blood pressure they performed an emergency c-section.  The only cure for preeclampsia is delivery.  Our little miracles: Madison Lynn at 12:52 PM weighing 3 lb 8oz and Jackson Thomas was born at 12:53 PM weighing 4 lb 9oz.  I was put on magnesium drip for 24 hrs to get my blood pressure down and unfortunately this kept me from being able to see my babies till I was off.  Once off I was able to see my babies and learned Madison was a little trooper and only needed a little oxygen and some IV fluids which she is now completely off oxygen and should be off all her IV fluids tomorrow.  Jackson had a little more trouble and did require a cpap for several days but thanks to prayers he was taken off on 11/10/11 and now only given a little oxygen hopefully to be off within the next few days.  He is still on IV fluids but is being weaned off. Both are being fed through feeding tube but the plan for Madison is to start some bottle feedings within the next few days. 

Please continue to keep us in your prayers.  They are both fighting hard to come home to us, every day is a better day.  I will try to continue to update every few days and send new photos.  Please pass email and photo album to those I may have missed. 

We love yall! 


November 16th

So much has changed and thought I would update everyone.  We have now got to hold both babies and slowly get to be more hands on like changing their diapers.  They are both still in closed beds and will be till they reach a certain weight.  Madison dropped down to 3lb 2oz but is now up to 3lb 7oz.  Jackson is at 4lb 3oz and has not gained in a few days. He is now officially off all oxygen and has been going strong. 

Both are doing what they call “cue feeding”, if they are cueing such as sucking or being active and awake during their feeding, they will attempt to bottle feed.  They have not taken more than 10 oz at this time with bottle but Dr., its allot for preemies to learn to suck, swallow, and breath at the same time. This is one of the biggest things holding them there and Dr. said its one of the hardest steps for them.  Just keep them in your prayers that they catch on. 

So, since day one we are now oxygen free and IV free.  Now we just need to get to feeding tube free.   I have attached some photos, hope everyone enjoys J 


November 25

Sorry its been a couple of days for an update and more pictures. The babies have grown so much in the last couple of days.

Madison: she has been gaining weight and keeping the weight.  She is still tiny at 3lb 8oz and due to her weight she is still in a closed crib.  As for bottle feeding, she has taken one full bottle but she gets tired so easily.

Jackson: he is 4lb 5oz, he has lost a little bit of weight but its because he has graduated to an open crib and has to maintain his own temp.  He has taken several full bottles but its occasionally. 

They both are still having bradies (drop in heart rate). They will not be able to come home till they have outgrown these. 

Please continue to keep the babies in your prayers!

Love yall 


November 26

Well, the twins will be 3 weeks on Monday.  Time sure has flown.  John and Deb came to visit. Deb was able to hold the babies for the first time and John finally got to meet his grandchildren.  It was a sweet moment. 

Madison as of today is a big girl and no longer has a feeding tube.  They give her 24 hours without to prove she will do fine and as long as she continues to do well  the Dr said she should be home next week.  She will have to complete a car seat test meaning spending 90 minutes in her car seat with no heart or oxygen dips.  She also will have to go a few days without a heart dip and her last one was 11/24.

Jackson is doing well, he just hasn’t caught on to the eating like sister.  Hopefully his light will come on soon and he will not be far from her.  

Well, enjoy the pictures.   Again love you and thanks for all the prayers. 

December 8

I know its been a few days but they have kept me busy. As many of you know Madison came home  last Monday and then Jackson following on Friday.  Even though there is three of us, we do not get much sleep.  They eat every 3 hrs round the clock.  We love every minute of it and love watching them continue to grow.  They have gotten so big since the NICU (well as big as a preemie should be).  We just let the Dr this morning and Madison weighed 4 lb 12 oz and is 18 in long.  Jackson is 4lb 14 oz and 19 in long.  Everything looked good for both.   They have started staying awake a little more with feeds and already starting with facial expressions.  They were a month old yesterday and we got some photos…. hope you enjoy .

Love everyone