Friday, August 10, 2012

8 Months

Sleep: Has been amazing.  The twins have been sleeping through the night onces again.  We do our normal routine of bath, pj, read book and then they lay down in bed and usually fall right asleep.  They don't even cry anymore. Its awesome.  Jackson has started sleeping on his stomach right around 9 months. 

Feeding: Still breast milk and some formula.  Mainly just afternoon bottle.  Still on stage 2 but graduated to stage towards the end of 8 months.  They now eat puffs which at first were not feeding their selves but now they pick them up and eat them. So cute.....

Diapers:  Stage 3 

Clothing:   Jackson is wearing mainly 9 month although he has several 12 month Carters that he can wear.  He has kinda leveled out on his growing spurt which is nice because he can wear his outfits more then once.    Madison is wearing 6 months although still big on her.  She is my little one, not much growth.  

What are they loving to do.......

to play, laugh, and touch your face. Of course they love mama's necklace and and any other jewelry. We have been too Sea World twice. They enjoy the Shamu show. 

Took 8 months but they found the stickers.....

Milestone:  Both of them are sitting up with no support.  They are able to turn around, twist, scoot (there form of crawling).