About Us

I am originally from Georgia but was transplanted in central Illinois second semester of my senior year.  I was so mad at my parents that I was not getting to graduate with my class but as I always say, there is a reason for everything.  I met my husband who was born and raised in central Illinois!

5 year anniversary
 We were married June 2006 in a beautiful beach side ceremony in Georgia. It was one of the happiest days of my life.  We had both always talked about "when" we have kids.  We were married young, he had just turned 22 that April land I had just turned 23 that May.  We had already bought a house and thought we had life figured out so we decided to go off birth control right away. I found out I was offered a job in the South that Jan and we moved. I put it in the Lord's hand and knew he would bless us when the time was right. I had always had irregular periods but all the Dr told me it was due to my activity level with sports and never thought anything of it.  After going off birth control, I never had a period and decided after year I should go to Dr.  I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Disease (PCOD), hypothyroidism, and endometrios and was advised by that OB that I would not have kids.  I was devastated.  Called my mom and she advise me to get a second opinion which I did and found out I could possibly have children just would need some assistance. 

After 3 aggressive years of procedures, we found out in 2011 we would be expecting TWO bundles of joy in December.  It was not an easy pregnancy at all.  Started out first trimester I was put on temp bedrest due to bleeding. Then once I was out of the clear from bleeding, I started going to a high risk Dr.  Both babies were developing beautiful and I was finally able to start eating by the 2nd trimester (I lost about 15 pounds at the beginning because I could not keep anything down).   I was diagnosed with preclampsia after a consistent headache at 31 weeks and was admitted to hospital.  I completed urine test for protein several times and on their birth date my protein had jumped to 1000 and I was told today is the day. 

At 12:52 PM on Nov 7 my baby girl "M" was born 3lb 8oz and 12:53 PM baby boy"J" was born 4lb 9oz.  She was a trooper and was only on oxygen for the first few hours.  J however had very premature lungs and was on c-pap and oxygen for first 6 days. It was touch and go on his oxygen level and then one day he decided, I want off this stuff.  The next battle was eating which for anyone who has had a preemie, they understand its not something they can be taught, it just has to click and when it click there is no stopping them.  Finally, after 4 weeks our girl came home first and about 5 days latter J came home.  He had to stay longer due to having bradys (heart drops). 

Now, here we are new parents enjoying every smile, giggle, and movement.  Exhausted parents trying to make sure they are fed, clean, and well.  The enjoyment they have given our life is something we could not live without now.  They are amazing babies and hope to share all our joy throughout the year.